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Pilot car drivers just need a valid driver's license. If you already have one, make sure it hasn't expired.

There are no requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator in the state of Montana.*

Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle
  • Pilot car operators are required to follow any and all Laws, Rules and Regulations pertaining to pilot - escort vehicles for each and every State.
  • General: Any passenger car /2 axle truck; a minimum of 60’ wide; shall not exceed 2 ton GVW
  • Signs: “OVERSIZE LOAD” sign (5’ x 12”) w/ dark letters (8” high) on light background
  • Lights: Minimum of 1 strobe or 2 amber 5” flashing lights or 1 rotating beacon light mounted above roof
  • Flags: No stipulations
  • Additional equipment: 2-way communication

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