T REX Trucking offers a unique way for Pilot Car Drivers to find loads.

By becoming a T REX Pilot Car Driver, you'll gain access to a Private Load Board where you can claim jobs as soon as they post. NO MORE BIDDING and hoping you get the job!

Our loads offer competitive pay and opportunity for anyone meeting the minimum requirements.

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No more waiting 30+ days for your money.

As soon as you except the load, and invoice will be generated, giving you access to the permit as well. All companies that use this site have agreed to a 7 to 14 day pay.

What is a Pilot Car?

A pilot car, or escort, is an automobile used to alert other road users of an upcoming trucks with large loads, convoys of large vehicles or to guide motorists through construction sites.

Pilot/escort vehicles are public safety vehicles; they are also considered a warning device to forewarn the public of a potential danger. They are usually equipped with a C.B. radio, or other two-way radios to communicate with each other.

On a two-lane road, a load with one escort has the escort vehicle take position in front of the load being escorted. On a four (or more) lane road, the escort then transitions to a position behind the load being escorted. Depending on the size of the load, the load may require more escorts, usually one in the front and one in the rear.

For over-width or over-height trucks one escort vehicle will drive 2500' to 1 mile ahead of the truck to ensure the road ahead can accommodate the truck's oversize dimensions. This lead vehicle is usually equipped with a long pole (high-pole) that extends upward from the front bumper; its length is adjusted six to eight inches above the height of the truck's load or the tallest part of the load within a convoy.

If the pole strikes any overhanging objects such as bridges, overhead signs, or power lines, the truck or convoy can be alerted and stopped or diverted long before an accident occurs.

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